Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn

February 11, 2019


I have always loved little birdies, especially the song birds! Chickadees are so common in Minnesota but are still so cute.


One afternoon last summer a chickadee had flown into my deck door and knocked itself out. At first I didn't know what the "thud" sound was until I walked to the deck and saw the bird lying there. It looked like it was dead. I hurriedly opened the door and picked the poor thing up. As I cupped it in my hands, the chickadee's head was sideways and breathing erratically. I thought for sure it was going to die. So I did what any person would do, or maybe not... I prayed. Sounds silly but I prayed for the little guy. cat was sleeping on the bed. Keep in mind, he is a hunter or dreams of being one as he is not allowed outside. 


So I'm holding this bird and it's slowly coming to and stands up on my hand. Taking awhile to collect it's thoughts, he just sits there still a little confused and dazed. I was so happy that he was going to be ok. I was about to open the door to let it out when it took off flying in my house and attracting my cat's attention!


It all happened so quickly! The bird was flying in my living room and my cat jumped up into the air after the bird and I caught my cat in mid-air to stop him. Regardless, my kitty was not happy with me as I locked him in the bedroom, lol.


I eventually caught the chickadee again and this time he flew away outside. This poor traumatized bird survived flying into the window, sitting in human hands and almost getting caught by a cat! Lol!


I let my cat out of the room and he was looking for that chickadee for the next couple hours, LOL!


That's my chickadee story and I hope you enjoyed it!


Oh, this is my chickadee painting called Golden Dawn. Prints and accessories available in my Art Shop.





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