Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

July 14, 2018


I bet your wondering what a duck has to do with pet portraits. I'm still wondering that myself but I will explain as best I can.


In previous blogs I have discussed some of my ups and downs. Through the struggles, my art has been changing. For years I have been painting whatever my heart desires which was both fun and frustrating. I was all over the board, painting everything and really experimenting on what I could paint and what I really struggled with. I really had no focus point. When I started sharing my artwork, I really had no idea what that even looked like. Plus I had very little confidence that I would actually succeed with my art. So I have been trying different things, going to local events, sharing on social media, setting up an online store and even trying out paint nights and teaching. Until recently I would paint from ideas in my head and do a lot of guess work with the details or try to find a reference photo similar to what I had in my head. But I found that my artwork wasn't really growing as well as I was hoping.


At the beginning of the year is when I really started to use reference photos and study light and shadows. My Big Sky painting was the first, then the Summer Storm Cloud and Pines. When I found the duckling photo I thought, "that is a great reference photo! I'm going to paint it." So I did, taking care to really study the feathers, light and shadow and shapes. I was so excited  about how it was turning out. Then I got this thought, "I should do pet portraits." lol I know right! Pretty sure that thought came from God! I had thought about it before and have done a few animals in the past but still didn't have the confidence to actually pursue it. After painting this duckling though I thought, "if I can paint this duckling I'm going to see how a dog turns out."



This one was my next challenge and I had so much fun with it and learned so much! What a cutie! 


I did some praying and research into doing pet portraits. Asking God, is this where you want me to go with my artwork? One artist suggested that you do at least 10-15 portraits before doing commissions. Well at that time I had currently done like 3, counting ones from previous years, which I didn't really think counted. So one... duckling, lol! I set my goals to do 10 portraits and then make the decision if that is something that I want to do. But guess what! I enjoy doing them so much and just love seeing the joy and excitement on my friends faces when I suggest painting their pets! that there is no doubt in my mind that this is what I want to do. It gives me shear joy that I can give joy to others by painting someone they love!





I really felt like God was speaking to me while I was painting the duckling. Giving me hope and confidence. Guiding my hands as I allow him to lead me. Letting go of doubt and fear and doing my best to not pick it up again! 


Instead of starting a new journey alone, I would like to invite you to join me in this journey. To be patient with me as I learn my way through this. 














I am currently only doing 8x10 sizes either on acrylic paper or canvas. All my paintings get a varnish coat on them to protect from fading and yellowing. If your interested in getting a pet portrait done either for yourself or maybe a gift, contact me through either my website or my social media pages.


I am really looking forward to painting more, learning more and giving more on this new path!


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