Life, Inspiration & Art

Life, Inspiration & Art

June 6, 2018


I wanted to write a little blog here about why  nature inspires me. All my life I have always loved nature. I grew up in the country and my parents owned a few acres. It wasn't that big but to a kid, it was big enough. I would spend hours wondering around in the woods, building forts, riding horses or just catching frogs in the swamp with my friends. Later on my parents bought a 4-wheeler, so I would drive that around in the woods or yard, everywhere I could. There was also a river close by and my friends and I would go there often to play, catch fish or crayfish, swim or just wander around. So many good memories there by the river. I always loved walking in it when the water was low.


Along with living in the country comes with having pets as well. We had all sorts of pets ranging from the normal cats and dogs, horses, goats and bunnies. And then there was the occasional animal rescue like trying to save baby squirrels that had fallen out of their nest. Sadly they didn't make it. To getting a baby pigeon called chirp and raising him. Once he could fly well, I decided to free him. Surprisingly even after being free he still hung around the yard, sitting on the clothes line or the swing cooing to himself, lol. 


But life happens, unexpected things change and nature went from this fun loving adventure time to being my safe place. After my parents got a messy divorce, I moved with my mom to her boyfriends house. (That sounds so weird even as I write this.) There was a lot more acreage there and woods that I would try to loose myself in. It wasn't a fun situation that I lived in so when I was scared or sad (which was often) I would go out to the woods. It was one of the only places I felt safe. There was one area that was my favorite because it had the perfect climbing tree. Some days I would sit up in that tree, close my eyes and listen to the sounds of nature. Since I struggled with severe anxiety and depression, that's where I could relax. 


I think as I look back, that is where I first encountered God. Didn't know it at the time. But I faintly remember talking to him while I was in the woods even though I knew little to nothing about God. Those times with nature is what helped me get through some rough times. So nature and God are near and dear to my heart. It's where I feel the most connected to God. Just about all of my artwork is nature inspired. 


What inspires you?


















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