Liquid Pour Technique

Liquid Pour Technique

March 6, 2018


I've been experimenting and learning about the liquid pour technique because I just love the look and it can make a great background for anything. The process is simple, pour the paint on a surface and move it around, right? Wrong!

  It's so important to have the right materials and know how and when to use them. When I first played around with this technique, I was just using water to thin my paints enough for them to move  and run off the edge of the surface. It was a fun way to practice but it just wasn't looking rich enough or dare I say, thick enough. 

  I watch a lot of videos of other artists to learn and hone my skills and I found one of my favorite artists, Lisa from Lacri Fine Art did a video on the liquid pouring technique using the Liquitex products. I learned so much from her video!


   First of all, having the correct materials is important. This is the Liquitex Pouring Medium. You mix this directly with the paints before pouring. This helps to give it more control when pouring, gives it a lovely gloss and protects from yellowing and water resistant. The best kind of paint to mix with the Pouring Medium is the Liquitex soft body paint. I couldn't find any in my area so I just used the Americana or Folk Art craft paint which worked great. I used small bathroom cups to mix my paints in. I poured the medium in the cup first and then a small amount of paint. Mix slowly otherwise bubbles occur. I used 3 colors and poured them on the canvas then tilted it so the paint would cover the canvas and the sides. I also used a paint knife to mix and help spread it.


 Once the canvas was covered and I was satisfied with how it looked, the only thing left was for it to dry. It's dry to the touch in just a couple hours but if your planning on painting over it like I did with the stencil then it needs to dry a minimum of 3 days. So I waited...

  Before painting the stencil on I used the Glazing Medium to mix with the white paint so it would adhere to the paint. The pouring medium dries very glossy and smooth and the glazing helps it to stick to that. then I just stenciled the words on.


This was such a fun project and I have more that I'm just waiting for them to be completely dry. Can't wait to do more!


Have you tried this technique before? What are your tips or tricks?









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