Story behind the painting - Holding up my Heart

Story behind the painting - Holding up my Heart

February 4, 2018


    I had the idea for this painting for months before i actually attempted it. I was inspired by the song "Stars" from the band Skillet. It's a beautiful song about surrendering and trusting God that he will take care you. The chorus goes:


If you can hold the stars in place

You can hold my heart the same

Whenever I fall away

Whenever I start to break

So here I am lifting up my heart

To the one who holds the stars.


I just kept picture myself holding my heart up to God and being in a surreal space atmosphere. This is one of the few paintings where I had such a clear image in my head and actually turned out close to how I saw it. I had the image in my head and thought about it often until I finally hit the canvas. 



Since I already knew how to do the sky and stars that is where I started. Once I had the sky in place I decided to do a half beach scene with the water. I made it with the beach kind of floating in space with the stars above and below it.


 After I got the background done, the painting sat there for some time. I was trying to figure out how to do the girl. I skimmed over lots of photos and pictures and just couldn't get the right pose. 

On one random fall day in 2016, my husband wanted to take me up north to see the fall colors. It was a beautiful drive and the perfect time to be out. It was sunny and the vibrant fall colors were at their best. We stopped at a Leech Lake to walk around when I got the idea for my husband to take a picture of me with my hands raised. He brought his fancy camera along so it was perfect! I would post the pictures but unfortunately my husbands computer crashed shortly afterwards and he lost almost all his photos. Luckily I finished the painting before that happened. So the girl in the painting is me! I was wearing pants in the photo and just painted the white dress instead :) I wanted the girl specifically to be in a white dress to symbolize being cleansed and washed away of all fear.


I then finished it off by adding the heart above her hands as a symbol of surrendering all of herself to God and trusting him to take care of her.


My hope is that when someone looks at this painting, that it somehow speaks to them. Either with love or trust or something completely different. I never know how someone can be impacted by a painting and sometimes it's very personal.


By painting this I feel I am sharing a part of myself both as an artist and in my own personal life. It's a great reminder that God is always there and ready to help and sometimes we need to step aside by surrendering so he can step in and help.


What does this painting say to you?


(The original painting is 18x24 on cotton canvas and is for sale for $250.00.)
















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