Benefits of Shopping Small

Benefits of Shopping Small

November 24, 2017


Every year millions of dollars are spent during the holiday season getting deals, gifts and special purchases. Shopping is done easier than ever by going to local retail stores where you can basically get anything and everything at one stop or online shopping which is growing every year. But where is our money going when we purchase these items? Will it be supporting the community or some large business in another state? 


For many small businesses the first 5-7 years can be a real struggle and some just don't even make it that far. I have seen it first hand by having friends with small businesses, working for a small business and now I'm trying to start up a small business. Even though we have the internet now  and many free options to advertise, it's hard to stand apart when everyday we're overloaded with ads, articles and even blogs. I'm not trying to be all down about this, just real.  


So how can we help these hard working citizens? By shopping small and local! It may not seem like a big deal or that it makes much of a difference but it can greatly impact the community. Here's how.


1) Supporting the Community: When you shop at a small business, coffee shop, farmers market, artists, the money that you're spending is staying within the community. That means that your money isn't going off to one giant corporation, it's staying in your town, boosting the business which in turn can be spent on other local businesses. And if you have a small business, that's good news for you!


2) Connections: More often than not, the customer service from a small business is real and personable. You get to know the owners first hand and get to know their stories. Why did they start the business? What are their goals? And in turn they get to know you as well and sometimes make valuable connections. 


3) Feeding Families: Many people who start up a business are not rich and wealthy. They have everyday lives, bills, and their own families to feed and care for. 


Tomorrow, November 25 is Small Business Saturday. Shop Small is about more than just shopping at small businesses. It’s a cause that helps to support local economies and promote vibrant, diverse communities. It’s also a nationwide movement fueled by shoppers, business owners, and organizers who come together and celebrate the community because they know it matters.


What small business will you be shopping at tomorrow? 










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