My First Art Crawl Experience

My First Art Crawl Experience

August 18, 2017


I got the opportunity to be a part of St. Cloud's downtown Art Crawl this year and what an experience! I'm so grateful my husband was there to help me through my first event like this. He even built me a couple of displays for my paintings! He is a sweetheart! 


Anyways...overall it went pretty good. There was just one big problem about a half hour into the event - WIND! And not just a little breeze, oh no, it had to be a huge gust of wind that traveled through the makeshift wind tunnel of downtown St. Cloud and attempted to lift everyone's tents in the air and a few did! Got a little scary there for a few minutes and I stood shocked as my paintings took off on the street. Luckily, (and this is how God takes care of me) there were a bunch of random strangers that came running to help, not just me but others with their art as well. I don't know who some of these people were. The one's I do know were working from Central Perk and their kids who came to help. While my husband and a couple of other helpers were holding the tent down, I finally got out of my shock and ran to collect my paintings with the help of the kids. We got everything inside just before the rain came down. Surprisingly only one painting got a little damaged. After about 20 minutes or so, the rain had stopped and it turned out to be beautiful the rest of the night. Eventually my art was brought back outside and set up again. 


The rest of the night, the weather was nice and calm and the streets got busier with people. If you weren't able to make it or have never gone to one of these Art Crawls, it is a fun and free event. So many amazing artists there!


My favorite part of the whole thing was watching people ooo and aaaww over my paintings. I got many compliments which is always nice to hear and it was sooooo cute watching kids point at their favorites! I will definitely be doing this again.


To those of you who helped me out that night, Thank You!


P.S. I will be having a scratched and damaged sale on one of the paintings soon.







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