Working small and why?

Working small and why?

August 3, 2017

For the past few months I've been working with some new mediums, watercolor and colored pencils. I haven't worked much with either one and I still have a lot to learn about both. Since I really wasn't too familiar with either one but was really wanting to work in those mediums, I started out small. 


There are a few advantages of working on small pieces.


One: When they are really small, it takes less time and paint to finish a piece. Makes sense right! I'm not wasting time trying to cover the paper or canvas with paint. It's surprising how much more time it can take. So in the time to cover one big canvas with paint, you could potentially have one or more smaller pieces done.


Two: When you're trying out a new medium or technique and mess up, it's not a big deal to start over. Often when starting with something new, it takes a few tries to get the paint to do or look the way you want it, so practice makes perfect, or progress!


Three:  More freedom to try new things and take risks. If you're spending hours and hours or days on a piece and then all of sudden you want to try something different, you're a little less likely (unless you're a really adventurous person) to take the risk. If your working on something smaller and only spent one hour on it you're more like to say 'Eh, lets try this!" If it doesn't work then it's not a big deal or you can learn how to make it work for later pieces.


I have learned a lot by making these cards and plan on making more. I will have cards printed out for the Art Crawl on August 11th to purchase. They will all be blank on the inside so you can write any message for any occasion. 


Above are just a couple of cards that I painted with watercolor and colored pencil. 


Until next time, try something new today!














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