MN Road Trip Fun

MN Road Trip Fun

July 12, 2017

I love stopping at random places on road trips and not knowing what to expect. I read a little about the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN but didn't really know what it was or what they had there. The information was very little. I wished I would've taken a picture of the building because it was beautiful. Huge windows all along the walls and facing the river. I really wasn't planning on blogging about my road trip but since that's what I've been up to and don't have any new paintings at the moment, this is what I'm blogging about. I would've taken better pictures or had my husband take better ones with his awesome cameras and not my phone. But anyways, this is a picture of one of the magnets we bought. We got to see Angel and Columbia but Harriet passed away last year. She is the eagle on some of the Minnesota plates.

 They house injured eagles and one hawk at the moment. The three bald eagles that were there were unable to fly. Two with broken wings, and one missing an eye. These eagles were found injured and brought to the National Eagle Center to be protected. The bald eagle on the left is Angel, the Golden Eagle in the middle is Donald and is the oldest one there, almost 40 years old. He was really relaxed when we were there and would occasionally close his eyes and rest. We sat in for a presentation too where they talked about the eagles life span and then brought Angel in to eat in front of the crowd. It was kind of funny and gross because when she ate the mouse you could hear the bones crack, ugh!



 The rest of the building is  the museum about eagles and other predators. Very cool and they have a replica of an eagles nest which is a lot bigger than you would think. For a small building there is quite a bit to do. I will definitely bring a better camera for next time!


To learn more visit their website



Have a great day!



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