Summer Fun on a budget : Franconia Sculpture Park

Summer Fun on a budget : Franconia Sculpture Park

July 11, 2017


 Are you looking for some artistic inspiration on a budget? This is a blog about some fun places to visit that I thought were so much fun! You are allowed to disagree but only after going to these places, lol!


This blog is about Franconia Sculpture Park by Taylors Falls MN. Admittance : Free


 My husband and I went on a road trip for the 4th of July and didn't really make plans before leaving. I have heard and read about this park online and then kind of forgot about it. Well, we by chance drove right by it. Looking out the car window I said "Hon, there is that sculpture park!" and he slammed on the breaks, backed up, and there we were! I had no idea how big this place was. It's a giant field with sculpture of all sizes everywhere. The first sculpture you see is a giant play ground made out of all kinds of metal and wood scraps. Kids were swinging underneath it, we walked over the bridge which had a couple of seating areas and of course slides!


 After that, you can just walk anywhere you want and check out the sculptures in the field. There were so many that we didn't even see them all and we were there for almost 2 hours! These are some of my favorites. The tall X sculpture is poured concrete and was done laying down. They have pictures there of a crane lifting it up to stand it upright. If you look closely at the mirror one, you can see my reflection! The giant circle is done with small pieces of wood. The boat looking one is sadly missing a piece but I love the constellations on there. As you can see, some and absolutely huge and most can be touched or kids can play on.

 Because this was the beginning of our trip and still had a long drive ahead of us, we didn't stay nearly at long as we would have liked. It is definitely something we want to go back to and see the rest of the sculptures. It was really inspiring and has sparked some new art ideas for me.


To find out more about this park, visit their website at


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