6 Things About Painting Outside

6 Things About Painting Outside

May 10, 2017


I am certainly enjoying my new house with my awesome backyard! Painting outside is so much fun but also has different challenges than painting indoors. Here are some things you can expect when painting outside.




1) Sunshine! I am a very pale skinned person so whenever I can get outside and attempt to add color to my skin, all for it!


2) Fresh Air! After long cold, cold winters here in Minnesota, finally getting outside for fresh warm air is well...refreshing!


3) Inspired by Nature! Who doesn't love the soft green grass, puffy clouds in the sky and birds chirping. (Unless you suffer with severe allergies, I'm very sorry) Nature always inspires me and is also so calming.


Not So Positive (but can be worked around):


1) Bugs! If they're not biting you, they're getting stuck in your nice wet paint on the quickly drying canvas. I had to pick a few out before they were permanently part of the painting, lol!


2) Wind! A nice breeze is fine if not cooling in the hot sun but not so welcoming when a sudden strong breeze decides to blow your canvas and easel over. Yep, happened at least twice that day and luckily my painting was dry everytime. It's good to use something to weigh down some of your supplies so they don't blow away. The breeze can also dry the acrylic paint faster than your used to, so I had to apply quickly before the paint got too sticky. Next time I will pick a day with less of a breeze!


3) When you're as pale as I am and burn easily, use sun protection! I use natural zinc based sunscreen to help protect my skin. A hat might be nice too and stylish!


All in all if you haven't painted outside before, it really is fun and can make the painting more memorable. Just pick a beautiful sunny day when the wind won't blow your art or you away! 




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