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Animal Portraits

Curious about getting a pet portrait done? Here are a few things to consider. 

- Reference Photo? First of all, it's very important that I have a good reference photo. As you can see from the examples above that most of them are close up shots. The photos are also very clear and well lit. You can tell if your photo is well lit if you can distinctly see dark shadows and bright highlights. These make the best reference photos. Another thing that I think is very important are the eyes. Again to be very clear, not blurry and with the light reflecting in the eyes. I believe that the eyes are the most important aspects for a good painting, unless of course the eyes are shut because the pet is sleeping. Even then, the area around the eyes need to be defined. I'm being super picky about reference photos because I want the paintings to turn out pleasing. If I worked with a blurry photo there's a good chance the painting won't turn out as planned. I would hate to waste anyone's time and energy on something that might not turn out.

If you don't have a good photo of your pet, practicing taking close up photos of your pet. The best lighting is in the morning or evening. Or have someone help you. If you have a question if a photo can be used as a reference, email me.

- Size options? I am currently working mostly in the 8x10 size of either canvas or acrylic paper. If you would like a different size, that can definitely be discussed. Larger will take more time and cost more. 

- Time? Time will vary on size and other projects that I am working on. Roughly, an 8x10 sized portrait takes about 2 weeks. Time for preparing and painting.

- Cost? Cost will vary on size and supplies and if the painting will need to be shipped to you. Contact me directly for prices. 

- Social Media sharing? I will always ask for permission if I am allowed to share your pet portait and the progress of it on social media. 

- Realistic Expectations? Look at the examples above and see my style. If it is not the style you want or are looking for something else, 

- Goals? My goal is to have this be a good and positive experience and have good communication. I want to paint you a pet portrait that you love and will do that to the best of my ability.